Kaibo Healing

We create ancestral balancing and mystical experiences through ritual and ceremony. Imagine journeying and pilgrimaging into your infinite potential and forging life-long meaningful connections.

Our Story

We combine ancient wisdom teachings from powerful worldwide lineage traditions infused with holistic therapeutic methods.

We are bringing transformation and shamanic healing to the world, and this is our art of quantum mechanics. Kaibo Healing is a bridge for change-makers and truth-seekers.

Discover your courage and freedom by taking a hero’s journey with us.

"Kaibo" means "family”.

In Shipibo, the language of our indigenous teachers in the Peruvian Amazon, "Kaibo" means "family”. Our mission at Kaibo Healing is to serve as a bridge for soul family and humanity to gather, heal and restore.

Family is at the heart and centre of everything we do. The definition of family to us represents more than just our bloodlines. It’s a sense of union, communion, and oneness. 

Our life's purpose and path stem from the concept of community as our family, as we offer humanity these beautiful and natural ways.


To facilitate profound spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing and restoration of the body, mind, and spirit.We open the doorway for people to walk their hero’s journey and create rites of passage to reclaim their divine birthright and legacy. To embody their sovereignty and freedom, understand who they are, why they are here, and their place in this universe.

Cacaomedy "chocolate" journey.

Are you over spirituality being so serious? Do you want to come to a safe space where you can truly let go into the medicine of laughter and joy? When was the last time you gave yourself the opportunity to experience side-splitting laughter that has the potential to heal the deepest parts of yourself?


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