Facilitate profound spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing and restoration of the body, mind, and spirit. Provide expert education, knowledge and guidance informed by the Shipibo tradition.

Empower our guests to connect naturally with their clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizant, and clairsentience. To assist in guiding the participant to foster a life-long connection with these spaces.

Provide an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experience for the participants. Hold a safe container and space for everyone’s process and the group.

Health & Safety - is our priority

Your safety and well-being are our main priorities. All the healers and facilitators involved in these retreats have many years of experience holding these types of mediations and overseeing the responsible use of different healing modalities.


Aurora Celeste

At age 18, she decided to make the world her university. She studied on various continents, embracing many traditional and esoteric healing modalities.

Aurora Celeste is a trained theta healer, reiki channel, yoga teacher, psychospiritual coach and master Shamanic practitioner.

Aurora is an international retreat and workshop facilitator. She specialises in soul timeline therapy and is renowned for her unique ability to heal, restore and align people through song and touch.

She has completed an apprenticeship in ancient Shipibo Amazonian shamanism and is a living bridge to ancestral knowledge and wisdom.

She has dedicated over a decade to self-healing, self-mastery, and self-restoration to now be in loving service to share her gifts and skills with others.

It was over 5 years ago in a hut deep within the Amazon, after years of vigorous studies and training with the Shipibo tribe. ‘Meditating’ every second night of my life and immersed in the Shamanic world of Plants and Trees, the elder grandmother looked at me and spoke ‘’You’re a Maestra (teacher) now. Go back to your country, and the people will come to be healed” – Aurora.

Nirvana Waters

Nirvana specialises in Theta healing, Sound Therapy, Guided Prayer and Meditation, Property and house energy clearings, Akashic record readings, soul healing and restoration.  He is passionate about assisting people in reclaiming their sovereignty, self-love and self-mastery through the different advanced quantum and traditional practices he offers. Nirvana’s life journey led him to a remote indigenous Amazonian Shipibo-Konibo tribe at 22. He quickly became inspired by their way of life and their shamanic teachings. He did extensive training alongside great masters of the healing arts. Transforming his once turbulent life into a path of compassion and peace. He is the driving force for the not-for-profit organisation Tribal Vision located in the Amazon of Peru. He has successfully implemented projects such as clean water, health care, and the community artisan project within the remote Shipibo-Konibo village of Paohyan.

“To witness how this work (play) transforms and restores people’s lives has been a true blessing and inspiration for why we hold these sacred heart spaces for the community to come together. Offering this sacred bridge to people from many different walks of life brings a sense of oneness and connection that many people are yearning for in the Western world. This opportunity extends a hand of love and compassion for you to come HOME. Come home, child and remember your gifts for this world to awaken and ignite your true human potential in this reality with your soul family.” – Nirvana.
“Over the last 4 years that I have known and worked with Aurora and Nirvana, I have come to remember, rediscover, and rebuild my true essence from a constantly rising and expanding vantage point. In a world where ungrounded confusion and mysterious spiritual vagueness seek to profit, Aurora and Nirvana lay it all out for clarity, consolidation and full disclosure of the tools needed to progress forward in one’s multi-levelled journey. Their combined prayer and cross-dimensional stamina are something to behold. They both give the proverbial fish and share skills of the rod at the same time.
8/5 Stars.”

– Kwan

“Working with the modalities Nirvana and Aurora offer has been the single most life-changing healing work I’ve been able to access. In the four years I’ve been using these modalities I have overcome postnatal depression, mental exhaustion, and mental confusion. This work has impacted every facet of my life by showing me the healthiest, clearest, and most conscious version of myself. I’m now deeply grateful for the person I am and the life I live.”
– Rose
“Working with Aurora and Nirvana in their meditation work, I have discovered a lot of self-truths. It has helped me with realisations of how past traumas which I have tucked away have affected my life to this point in time and makes me question myself on how to bring things to the surface, so they don’t continue to do so. The work/play has helped me remove these blockages within me.”
– Jeremy.
“Aurora and Nirvana hold a safe container facilitating and encouraging to move beyond this dimension, unlocking keys and codes to walk the beauty path of the higher self, inspiring the individual’s unique essence.

I hold great gratitude that through these meditations, I continue to learn, follow, and devote myself to the ancient traditions practised that have assisted me to break free of addictions, heal from trauma and limiting self-beliefs finding my gifts, passion, path, and purpose.

Aurora and Nirvana have a beautiful way of weaving the serious devotion into the work, love and play into harmonious prayer for the greater good of not only the individual but for all of Mother Earth.”
- Grace